Under test: Desktop storage server DiskStation DS1517 from "Synology"


Synology is one of the most famous and oldest companies offering network attached storage servers (NAS) in the world. The network servers have the ability to connect to the server and transfer data by more than one computer at the same time and give permissions are set for each device separately, in addition to the possibility of direct download of files from the Internet to the server and obverse all the time ensures the direct access to important files to work anywhere around World, especially for corporate and business staff.

Synology has recently launched the Diskstation DS1517 Network Storage Server, a NAS server for small businesses, offices and shared workspaces

Fast performance and scalability: the most important features

The DS1517 + is a four-core Intel 2.4GHz quad-core processor with 2GB or 8GB random RAM, depending on the user's choice, and can be increased up to 16GB. The PCIe port supports a connection Optional card that allows the addition of two high-speed SSD media to be used as data cache during backup and file transfers

In order to develop these technical specifications, which may seem somewhat digital in nature, we are talking here about a network storage server whose primary function is to keep files and share and copy backup copies. If you choose the full package of the above specifications, you will get a device capable of performing that function at a speed not previously committed with external media and storage or other network storage, and the speed of reading data in that case to 1165 MB per second and write data to 527 MB Per second..

Stylish design and heavy weight

Weighing up to 4 kg and a half - empty without hard disks - and a cohesive metal structure, the Ds1517 comes with a stylish, black design suitable for modern offices. The back of the server has four Ethernet ports, four USB 3.0 ports distributed three back, one on the front of the device, and two eSATA ports on the back of the server.

Incremental storage capacity

The DS517 + is available for five hard drives and can be connected to two additional DX517 expansion modules, each of which can accommodate up to five additional hard drives, enabling the system to accommodate up to 15 hard drives with a total capacity of 108 terabytes. While there are cloud storage servers of up to 8 hard drives, for example, without the need for additional expansion units, the system configuration in this way allows small companies looking to expand gradually to obtain a network storage system with very advanced specifications, with the ability To add more storage gradually as needed in the future..

The perfect operating system, still

The new version of Diskstation Manager, the special operating system produced by Synology to manage its network storage servers including the DS1517 +, supports a new data-entry system called btrfs, which was developed in 2007 in partnership with many leading computer companies, To be used for the first time in 2015. The data system allows btrfs to repair corrupt files automatically by using backup data backups, as well as a data-writing mechanism that allows the retention of up to 65 thousand backup copies of the operating system at different dates without the need for huge data storage areas.

The operating system and server interface, named Diskstation Manager or DSM, is still the best in my estimation of all products in that product category. I continue to maintain that the experience you will get with this system is unrivaled in all other NAS network servers in terms of ease of use and features offered by the system.

Companies with the DS1517+ server can take advantage of the ability of the system to install an internal e-mail server for employees with a good interface with the system-supported MailPlus package, communicate with the rest of the company employees, exchange data and work together to edit files and share live editing through the Office, calendar and Chat that comes defaulted in the DSM operating system. These add-ons add to the server's main function of data storage, sharing and backup..


If you work in data processing, whatever the quality of that data, the importance of purchasing a NAS network storage server for your small business or office - in my opinion - is equally important to have the computer you use to do your own business. There is no other way to keep your data and customer data as efficient as your network storage server. Sinologi is still at the forefront of the options I can recommend in this area, mainly due to the DSM operating system, reliability and high quality of its servers. If you are looking to expand your business in the near future, or if you do not know exactly what capacity and needs are right for you and want to leave the door open for expansion of this type.


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