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1/  Choose the product quantity

2 / To add it to your shopping cart click on the icon (buy)



1 / To complete the purchase procedure, click (Checkout)

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1 / To complete the purchase procedure, click (Checkout)









1 / If you have already registered just add your registered data and press (Sign in)

2 / If you are a new customer choose Register



1 / Record the required data (*) email and password  .

2 / Then press the register








1 / Record the required data (*) to complete the payment and shipping procedures

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1 / Choose the suitable shipping company

2 / When finished click Continue



- Choose the suitable payment method (you can also add your comments on the application if any)








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- This page will be presented to you after you have finished your purchase and send it

1 / Shows your current order data

2 / Displays your previous requests


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