General Provisions:

  • Commitment to ensure the quality of manufacture of the product according to the period mentioned on the device
  • Accessories and antennas do not include warranty
  • Repair time: 15 days maximum from the date of maintenance request (not including the time required to provide required parts)
  • Provide rare spare parts within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of request
  • Commitment to 30 days' quality assurance
  • Commitment to respond to customer complaints, provide required data, update client complaints within 5 days, and final reply within 30 days

General exclusions not covered by manufacturer's warranty:

  • Defects or malfunctions caused by misuse of the consumer, failure to comply with the usage instructions, negligence, accidents, sabotage, maintenance that does not comply with product recommendations, or negligence in maintenance.
  • If serial numbers are tampered with or changed.
  • Replacement costs for lost items or parts (buttons, remote controls, rolls, cylinders, lamps, batteries, etc.)
  • Paint defects, scratches and problems due to inaccuracies of factory-installed installations.