Our Service

Electron Technology offers 6 types of Services:

Direct Selling

Electron Technology has established, in a very short period a very strong and strategic Partnerships with World Renowned IT Solutions Providers in ICT industry such as Tandberg, the thing that allow us to make a direct re-selling for the products of these vendors and partners to other companies and co-operates in the Saudi Market.

Support Contracts

There is no doubt that any successful project that has to be up and operating all the time, needs a periodic maintain and high readiness of technical back bone support that guarantee a continuous running time. We share the responsibility of this mission with our customer with our flexible and solid SLAs.

Setting up and implementing projects

The importance of project’s time management has eagerly called for the demand of providing and activating a solid electronic tracking system online with our website, that provides the up to date following facts:-

Electron Technology used professional parameters by applying Project Life Cycle with the customers:


Viewing all the steps and phases of the project under implantation.


Complete Data for the people in command from both sides participating in the project.


Detailed time frame for the project including each and every step and phase.


The ability to observe and monitor the updated implantation process of the project.


All related documentations and statistics related to the project.


Providing the facility of monitoring & managing elements of the project.

Technical Consulting

Electron Technology continuously aim to develop and maintain our technicians and engineers of projects to be updated to the latest techniques and skills to manage technology projects. The purpose of this ongoing development of our human resources is not only for providing and implementing esteemed projects, but also to provide the very specific technical studies and consultations to our customers to maintain the quality of implementation based on the customer demand cross lined with the limitation of its financial budget.

To request any technical study, please send email to:


Technical Training & Rehabilitation

Any ambitious company that aims to stay on the top of its field has to upgrade its employees periodically in terms of technical and managerial wises. According to the demand of our customers, we have offered a short courses provide all its needs to have more experience, knowledge and awareness needed to manage an IT company.

Integrated Solutions

Most important in the Network Field, the ability to make integration with its different parts such as:
Integration between Sound System with Video Conference and integration between IP Telephony with the existing network infrastructure.
While Electron Technology is professional in the all Network fields , it has the ability to do this integration.